Trailer Of Rajkumar Rao’s TRAPPED Is Out And It’ll Definitely Keep Your Attention Locked!

Claustrophobia aka the ‘fear of having no escape’. A lot of people suffer panic attacks due to this disorder. If you don’t, you may think it is not that serious. But picture this, you get locked in a room, with no one┬ábut yourself, and no hope of anyone coming anytime soon, getting scared now, aren’t you?

Uploaded by FuhSePhantom, here is the trailer of Vikramaditya Motwane’s next, ‘Trapped’. The story of a man who gets stuck in a high-rise apartment, with no food, no water and no one to get him out. Rajkumar Rao is once again looking phenomenal in portraying a man with little hope of getting out and the plot is giving me the jitters. What happens next, I am super excited to know.

I am sold. Just can’t wait for this movie anymore.