People Are Sharing Their Amazing Before-After Transgender Transformations Pics

Gender and sex, to this date, are concepts many people don’t comprehend. They either choose to ignore these ideas or just completely reject them. In India and all over the world people still struggle due to the weight of this pressure.

Having said that it is not easy to live in a body you don’t connect with and that’s exactly why many brave hearts fight this pressure and society to transform into someone they want to be. And you know what it’s perfectly normal. You do you!

In an empowering move to spread awareness about transgender transformations, people are sharing their own pictures. They are uploading before and after photographs on Twitter to inspire others. Have a look:

1. Happy rebirth to you!

2. More power to you!

3. You’re an inspiration. WOW!

4. So gorgeous!

5. Those mirror selfies though!

6. All that matters is being your truest self.

7. Be proud and embrace your identity wholeheartedly.

8. #TransIsBeautiful

9. I salute you on your journey!

10. This is absolutely stunning!

It’s heartening to see people sharing their own transformation pictures and smashing gender stereotypes. It’s very empowering!

Don’t let society and it’s shambles chain you to a life you don’t want to lead.