After Her 14 YO Boy Transitioned Into A Girl, Inspired Mom Embraced Her Identity As A Man.

The LGBTQIA community has been fighting for equal representation in the society for a long time now. A lot of people, including teens are scared to come out and embrace their gender identity and sexuality because they believe their families might not accept them.

Similarly, Corey Maison, a transgender girl, was skeptical about the reaction of her parents when she decided to come out at the age of 11. Corey was born a boy and felt trapped in a body that wasn’t hers. She said,

β€œI wanted to make my parents proud of who I am, but I thought that they would not like me.”


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But, imagine her surprise when her mother took inspiration from her transition and chose to come out as a man last year.

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As reported by Nine news, Erica Maison, now Eric, said that he hated being pregnant and would wish for cancer when he was younger so that he would have to get a mastectomy.


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It was only when he watched a documentary on prominent transgender girl Jazz Jennings, that he realised he wanted to transition. Coupled with his realisation of being trapped in a strange body, his daughter’s inspiring transition made him embrace his own gender identity.

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Both father and daughter have been embraced by the family with open arms and received a lot of support for their decision. Eric’s husband Les Brown has provided remarkable support to his wife’s transition, saying that he is still married to the same person.

He had no qualms about Eric’s transition, he said,

“I fell in love with the person. She was beautiful as a woman, but equally beautiful on the inside.Β As long as Eric is happy with the appearance, Eric will be happy with what’s in her brain – or his brain.” 

Eric has undergone a double mastectomy and said that the only regret he had was not knowing about transgenderism sooner.

Although, both father and daughter are transitioning towards opposite sides, that does not stop them from supporting each other through it all. Their journey towards embracing their gender identity is an inspiration to all those who are struggling with it. There truly is no perfect time to embrace who you are.

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