Trans-Woman Who Was Called Abusive Names Shares Powerful Message On Becoming A Doctor

Discarding binary labels and choosing to identify yourself in any way you choose is difficult and comes with its own societal consequences. The everyday harassment and injustices against the LGBTQ+ community are proof. We have seen how the transgenders are subjected to vile name-calling and verbal harassment – in-person and more so online.

Names like “Ch*kka” and “Fagg*t” are thrown at them easily as though it’s the normal thing to do. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, a trans-woman, medical student, an intern at Kasturba Medical Hospital, Manipal, with a tremendous following on social media, faces such online harassment regularly. However, recently she shared a very empowering post.

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Her message was simple – Enough with the name-calling. It’s time to call me “Doctor”.

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“A trans person wields great power in being able to reclaim all that was intended to insult, to bend the rules, to push society’s boundaries of empathy and understanding,” she writes in another Instagram post, where she claims to avoid her DMs and emails like it were a “plague”, as it’s filled with unsolicited sexual messages and abuses.

“A child understands their gender around age 3, and I did too. I shouldn’t be punished and humiliated and scrutinised and measured and poked and prodded until you’re convinced,” she writes.

People on the internet left heartwarming comments on Trinetra’s post. Many highlighted how every community deserves representation across professions while others lauded her for her journey!

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No matter how anyone identifies themselves, nobody deserves to be disrespected because of their personal choices which don’t adhere to societal norms. More power to Trinetra!

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