Kerala Trans Couple Announces Their Pregnancy With Beautiful Maternity Shoot, See Pics

Alert transphobic people, if you continue to read this article, you might turn into a sensible and humble person who would accept people and their choices with open arms without being mean and judgmental towards them.

We bring to you the greatest news of the life of a trans couple from Kerala’s Kozhikode.

Ziya Paval (born a man and transitioned into a woman) met Zahhad Fazil (born a woman and transitioned into a man) years ago and they fell for each other.

In the time span of three years that they have been together, they might have had many happy moments, but this one is beyond everything as the trans couple is going to be parents soon.

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If you’re thinking they opted for any other method for their pregnancy, then let me tell you that it’s not the case. According to a report by India Today, Zahhad conceived the baby from Ziya. He is now eight months pregnant and their baby is due in March this year.

Taking to social media, the couple announced the arrival of their child through a powerful maternity shoot.

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Sharing the good news, Ziya posted a couple of images from the inspiring photoshoot and shared in Malayalam her happiness of being a mommy soon.

“Even though I am not a woman by birth or by the body, a dream that I had inside me until I grew up knowing the femininity in me is “Mother”. My body may not allow me to feel that pain and comfort in this life,” she wrote in her post.

She adds that even though she can’t carry the baby herself, her partner has been given the power to make her dream of being a mother come true.

“As the long-awaited dream in me will come true, I am also waiting to hear the call in the small voice of a mother. Just a few more days to go. Zahhad started to change his body according to his wishes by spreading wings to my dreams, while living with the mental difficulties of living with his born body, he began to change his body to his desires. Hormone therapies and breast removal surgery.”

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Despite all the roadblocks, they will be becoming parents together.

“Time has brought us together. It’s been three years. Like the dream of mother in me, his dream of father and a desire to be our own brought us together in a single thought. 8 months old jeevan moving in his belly with full consent.”

Toward the end, Ziya thanked their family members and the doctors who supported and guided them through their pregnancy.

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The smiles on their faces say how content and happy they are with this good news.

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With this pregnancy, Zahhad has become India’s first trans man to be pregnant.

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People online were all hearts on the parents-to-be and showered their love and support on them.

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This is such a great piece of news. So happy for the couple.

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