Love Train Journeys? These Amazing Pics Capture India’s Essence From The Window Seat

I remember when I was a kid, I used to love train journeys. Hopping on the train, looking for the seats and calling dibs on the window seat was a routine. Ah, the little joys of life! The view outside the window was always more interesting, be it during the day or at night when the visibility was pretty low. Somehow amid adulating, the love took a backseat and train journeys became limited, close to none.

But during a social scrolling, I came across a page that captures the essence of India from the windows of the trains. And that instantly rekindled my love for train journeys.

Handled by 26-year-old Mumbai-based cinematographer, Shanu Babar, Instagram page The Window Seat Project is making our desi hearts bubble with joy. Speaking with Mid-Day, Shanu said,

On the roof, the longest light rail route of the world!

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“I’m sure a lot of people relate to the feeling of sitting on a window seat, savouring the world that whizzes past you. It’s a theatre of expressions, emotions and cultures. Long train journeys are a platform to enter people’s lives. You can never be sure of what you’ll see. Every passenger is a story. And, equally interesting are the stories you see through the window.”


Here, have a look at his photos and be mesmerised. We bet it will make you wanna take a train journey asap.

1. Just look at that.


2. And it goes on and on.


3. Chai, chai garam chai.


4. Bogie-talks.


5. Woah! This is so cool.


6. ‘Em eyes are enticing.

Co-Passenger! ūüźí _ 'Madaris' make monkeys dance to their command and they perform shows and street plays. It was a treat to watch the acrobatic performances when I was a kid. I wanted a monkey for myself. My dad bought me a clockwork toy instead, it worked on batteries and would somersault every two steps. I did not harm the monkey, there was no leash. Cut to this shot. I was really surprised to see this picture of a monkey on a train. Not sure if there are any laws against the practice but i know that for the Madaris, it is an art, an acquired skill, an occupation, a life. The question here is, would you watch a play like this and pay for it? Or would you simply ignore it? Or would you actually confront the man about how wrong it is? Picture by @kumar_rks _ Keep hashtaging #windowseatproject on your pictures to get featured. _ #windowseat #IndianRailways #indianrailway #indiapictures #_soi #traintravel #trainjourneys #railways #eurail #perurail #canadianpacific #theghan #whitepassrailroad #trenecuador #amtrack #shinkansen #alaskarailroad #trenalasnubes #glacierexpress #srilankarailways #wearerailfans #instagram #bbctravel #lonelyplanetindia #indianphotography #insta_maharashtra #rangeelorajasthan #delhigram #monkey

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7. That perfect click!


8. Behroopiyas and more.


9. The fog and the litter.


10. Such a cute click.


11. Mid-journey passengers.

Helter-skelter! A family coming from the Junagadh/Visavadar line is all haste in finding some space in the Passenger towards Veraval. Lot of commuters can be seen switching trains in the background as well. Talala Junction (TAV), Gujarat, is a busy metre guage hub at this hour. The station becomes a conglomerate of three passenger trains coming from three different single lines arriving during the same time slot. The first to arrive is the 52929 Veraval-Dhasa Passenger (at 1020 hrs) which can be seen on the middle line, followed by the one on the extreme left – the 52950 Delvada-Veraval Passenger (at 1030 hrs). The train on the extreme right is the 52952 Junagadh-Delvada Passenger which will undergo a reversal at this station. The locomotive will wait for the Veraval bound passenger to vacate the platform at 1045 hrs so that it can reverse and proceed with its load towards Delvada. Commuters and passengers find this a very convenient and trusted connection to switch among the trains. By @theoneiric Keep hashtaging #windowseatproject on your pictures to get featured. _ #windowseat #IndianRailways #indianrailway #indiapictures #_soi #traintravel #trainjourneys #railways #eurail #perurail #canadianpacific #theghan #whitepassrailroad #trenecuador #amtrack #shinkansen #alaskarailroad #trenalasnubes #theindianpacific #sncf #glacierexpress #pakistanrailways #srilankarailways #railways_of_our_world #wearerailfans #instagram

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12. In a haze…


13. Lines will guide you home.


14. The blue interiors are rustic yet <3


15. The companion you need for the ride.

Thanks to Marcopolo and Tigress for making us rediscover joys of train travel. It is possible to travel by Indian railway with your pets, if you book a complete coupe ( 2 berths) or a cabin ( 4 berths) .. After booking the tickets, we submit an application two days before our departure date to the railway's Chief commercial officer for the allotment of a coupe in our case ( He is the one making first class chart)…Since the seats for the first class are only confirmed when the chart arrives at the station on the day of departure ( it is all suspense till the end) ..After getting our coupe, we registered our pets at the parcel office ( not necesary for the pets to be there physically) .. It is quite a process but totally worth it in the end. By @dugardd _ Keep hashtaging #windowseatproject on your pictures to get featured. _ #dogsofinstagram #dogs #doglover #adoptdontshop #photooftheday #familygoals #instagood #instadaily #viarail #indianrailways #interraileu #puppiesofinstagram #eurail #beautifuldestinations #theghan #petsofinstagram #ilovemydog #traintravel #trainjourneys #mirror #indiapictures #rajasthantourism #delhigram #bbctravel

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16. So much innocence.

The itch to hop on the train, look for the seat and take the window seat is back.