Passenger Pulls ‘Emergency Brakes’ In The Middle Of A Bridge, Daring Train Guard Releases It

Back in the day when dacoits used to roam the outskirts of every state, the train guard’s job used to be very dangerous. They had to keep a lookout for the sound of horses while the train chugged on. And if they got on the running train to loot it, they had to risk their lives and fight them.

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However, since crime has become more organised, dacoits have found other means to loot us. But that doesn’t mean a train guard’s job has become any easier. Want proof? Well then take a look at N. Vishnumoorthy’s doing his work.

According to the Indian Express, a passenger aboard the Chamarajanagar-Tirupati Express had brought the train to a halt by pulling the emergency brake. And it was up to Vishnumoorthy to get the train moving again.

Now, usually when this happens, there’s solid ground underneath the train. But in this case, the train was in the middle of a bridge and the solid ground was a few feet below it. That’s why the brave Vishnumoorthy had to walk on the railings of the Srirangapatna bridge, walk on the narrow girders and then restore the system.

Check out the daring video here:

But that wasn’t where Vishnumoorthy stopped. He came back into the train and caught the passenger who had pulled the chain. While the passenger was handed over to the RPF for causing all this commotion for no reason, Vishnumoorthy was awarded Rs. 5000 by the South Western Railways for his bravery.

Considering how I’ve a fear of heights, I can only imagine the amount of courage it would’ve taken for Vishnumoorthy, because one wrong step would’ve meant death. So, although his dedication to his job is praiseworthy, please keep your hands to yourselves while travelling because you never know whose life you’re risking.