Vigilant Train Drivers Avoid Collision With An Elephant Crossing The Tracks In West Bengal

Some jobs require professionals to have really quick reflexes and response times. A trauma surgeon or a firefighter has to respond to emergencies by promptly taking decisions that may be a matter of life and death. In the past, many such brave men and women have averted potential tragedies from happening like the Noida cop who retrieved two highly flammable LPG gas cylinders from within a burning home.

According to Mumbai Mirror, on 14 October, train drivers Uttam Barua and D.D Kumar who were on the passenger train between Nagrakata and Chalsa in West Bengal spotted an elephant on the tracks. Their alertness prevented an accident as they applied the emergency brake.

The incident was shared by the Divisional Railway Manager of the Alipurduar Division, Northeast Frontier Railway on Twitter. Pune Mirror reports that another crew (A.K.Nandi & V.K.Singh) on the same train line showed their keen presence of mind when two elephants were crossing the tracks on August 8.

People were glad that there were no casualties and urged the authorities to reward the locomotive crew.

Unfortunately, not all such accidents are successfully averted. The Times of India reports that in September, a wild elephant sustained severe injuries after being hit by a passenger train traveling to Dhubri. We hope that officials take adequate redressal measures especially in parts where tracks run through forests.