Video: Guy Claims He Was Offered A Train As Dahej But Rejected It For Lack Of Parking Space

Social media often seems a treasure trove of amusing videos, from cat videos to hilarious videos of people paragliding. Now the latest clip that has entertained people is one of a man who is confidently claiming that he was offered a train as dowry, although, he allegedly refused to accept it.

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The undated video begins with someone enquiring if it was true that the man was getting a train as dowry, reports Times Now News. The man responds, “Haan, hakikat hai.” What was funnier still is that he offered ‘practical reasons’ on why he chose to refuse it.

He said, “Chalani nahi aayi mujhe. Chhoti moti gadi hoti toh chalata. Mujhko chalani nahi aati usko.”

He also pointed out another problem- “Khadi kaha karta usko?” Take a look:

Here’s how people reacted to the clip soon after it went viral online. A lot of folks wished they had the same level of confidence as this guy!

What do you make of his tall claims?

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