TRAI Just Made 1 Million+ Net Neutrality Emails Public, Unintentionally Helping Spammers

Brace yourself. Take a deep breath and be prepared to get a lot of spam, unsolicited calls and marketing trash in the coming days.

Why and how, you ask? Then here’s the answer:

In a not-so-smart move, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) just released a list of 1 million email addresses which it received supporting net neutrality


So if you’ve sent your response to TRAI supporting net neutrality, your data is now public. And it means it’s a free database for spammers, hackers and unsolicited marketers.


TRAI could have easily protected personal information by masking out certain letters with asterisks (*) maybe. And this isn’t even the first time TRAI made a blunder


And if you think it’s no big deal, think again


Well done, TRAI…if you need any help, do let us know

We’ll forget & forgive if you move in the right direction, TRAI. Just #SaveTheInternet.

News source: Times of India & Indian Express

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