Cyberabad Cops Outsmart Man Complaining He Was Wrongly Fined For Tripling & Twitter Is ROFL!

People violating traffic rules is a common sight on Indian roads. From not wearing seatbelts or helmets to drinking and driving, these offences make commuting unsafe for everyone. In a bid to get people to follow traffic rules instead of flouting them, the traffic police have installed cameras, raised the fine amount and also tried to create awareness in unique ways. In Aligarh, for example, two-wheeler riders without helmets can’t get petrol at fuelling stations.

Recently, Twitter user @The_Mubeens shared a photo of himself and another rider on a two-wheeler claiming that he was wrongly fined for triple riding. He also tagged the official handles of Hyderabad and Cyberabad traffic police on the post.

However, the department was quick to point out that the riders weren’t wearing helmets and that this offence was also subject to a fine. They agreed to change the name of the violation and asked him to follow the rules in the future.

The traffic police’s reply had netizens massively trolling the man in question and also applauding the department for their witty comeback.

This isn’t the first time an official handle gave a befitting reply to a Twitter user’s complaint. Earlier, IRCTC had the perfect reply for a man saying there were ‘vulgar’ ads on its website.