From ‘Kitna Khayega?’ To ‘Tujhse Nahi Hoga’, Desis List Toxic Things Said By Parents

Many Indian families believe in ‘tough love’ while raising kids. We have often been subjected to mean behavior and the occasional flying chappal from our parents. However, there is a fine line between trying to discipline a kid and downright being toxic.

People online have been discussing the various things parents say to kids which might seem basic but are actually problematic. A Twitter user named Anjali asked, “What is the most toxic thing a parent could say to a child?”

And many had their answers ready. From “I regret having you” to “You won’t be able to do anything in life”, here’s what some of them revealed:

Many also mentioned how parents say they spend a lot of money on their kids, which is actually a very toxic thing to mention.

Parents also end up fat-shaming kids sometimes.

Some others highlighted how parents think hitting a child is also a form of love.


Have you been told something by your parents that were terribly hurtful? Tell us.

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