12 Toxic People In Your Life You Should Get Rid Of

No matter how many boundaries you build around yourself, there are some toxic energies that pierce right through it and put you down. These energies aren’t forces of the universe, but people you surround yourself with.

However, even though it may come as a surprise but toxic people do act as hidden villains in your life, who play a vital role in your growth. Ever heard that proverb- An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that it’s going to launch you into something great.

1. That negative voice inside you

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You wouldn’t know it, cut half the things that don’t even exist are a product of your mind. Go easy on yourself. Unleash those barriers and let the sailing begin. You’re more than you thought you were.


2. Distant relative who compares you every now and then

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There’s a reason I wrote distant relative, because, their ideas too should be kept at a distance from you. Let them compare all they can, you know you are doing some good with your life and you will. Such healthy comparison always kicks your will to do more.


3. Your next door neighbor who preaches his son in front of your parents

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Sometimes a king does not know what is happening with his people and that’s the thing. It is always to pinpoint fingers at others, but the most difficult task is to see and realize what is happening right under your nose. Slow and steady win the race.


4. Those hopeless hostile acquaintances

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There are people you meet only for hours or minutes, but their negativity tends to stay with you for longer. These kind of people are the ones who teach you exactly what you don’t need to be.


5. Someone who always disappoints you, and asks for another chance

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You often say sorry for things you did not mean to do, but did anyway and there stands the repentance. Some people, however, say sorry more often than not and keep repeating the same things over and over. A lesson well learnt, in this case, would be that, some broken glasses can never be mended.


6. The constant critic of your dreams

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Your friends are supposed to believe in you, even if your dreams make no sense. If it is making some sense to you, it probably worth trying. Here, a reality check is different from support. Although, it is good to have someone with a different perspective, a congenial critic will only pull your morale down.


7. People who are self centered

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These people demand you to fit their needs, their ideas, their perspective and  everything that involves them in the picture. Do not accept this behavior as normal and learn that being self-centered will only push away the good things.


8. The unforgiving friend

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The most respectable thing is not to never commit errors, yet to admit to them when you do make them, and after that to finish and try your hardest to make the wrong things right. A friend who wouldn’t understand you at such times, is a friend you do not need.


9. The cult who puts you to shame in front of people

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There are people who are all goody-goody with you alone, but when you meet them around people, they jump down to take your case and consider it jest. Such people try to elevate their position by climbing on your back and you should not let that happen.


10. Passive aggressiveness

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Some people think it is a thriving art, however, it is nothing but a cold-war. Never tolerate passive aggressiveness. It harms you a lot. It keeps you intimidated by people’s action and thus bend your mind. Come clean with such aggression.


11. The judge

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One should absolutely run away from the judgmental folks. They do no harm, hinder your plan, keep pushing you back, pass comments on your work and contribute nothing good to it. They just shoot in the void to disturb your plans, and you don’t want that.

You can’t have a positive life with a negative mind. Let it go.

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