Can You Name The Jodis That Had A Toxic Relationship In This Filmy Quiz?

Bollywood is often criticized for romanticizing problematic behaviours such as spying, stalking and not taking no for an answer. A lot of reel-life couples also have unhealthy relationships in the movies. How many of these can you correctly name? Take this quiz and find out!

1. "Just a slap par maar nahi sakta"

2. Toilet seat as a mangalsutra?

3. Calling off the wedding when the celebrations have started? Not cool!

4. A marriage where partners were not equal

5. Pretending to be someone else?

6. When one partner spies and stalks the other.

7. Harassment to get attention is not healthy

8. How addiction can ruin a relationship

9. "Agar tujme bhi mere liye waisa pagalpan hai na toh call me"

10. "Humein apne gaal pe thapad se zyada uske gaal pe puppy ka sukh tha"

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