Your Favourite Manali Is Choking On Plastic, After Tourists Leave 2000 Tonnes Of Garbage Behind!

Excess garbage and waste disposal is a problem we face nationwide. However, the ever-increasing mountain of trash at even the once-remote corners of the country poses an alarming threat to wildlife and nature.

But who cares, our houses are clean, right?

Tourists are visiting Manali to unwind in the hills but all they are doing is generating so much garbage that it is becoming difficult for the civic authorities to handle it.

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According to the Times of India, Manali generates around 30-40 tonnes of waste every day during peak tourist season. But over 10 lakh tourists who have visited the town in May and June have left behind over 2,000 tonnes of garbage, the majority of which comprises plastic waste.

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It is not just Manali, the entire district is clogged with mountains of garbage. Hence the civic authorities are looking for alternative methods like the waste-to-energy plant that can consume all the plastics from the nearby surroundings.

Very recently, the Uttarakhand authorities proposed to levy ‘green tax’ on tourists to reduce waste in the valley. People liked this mandate and suggested similar ways in which we can reduce waste in the country.

While authorities are trying their best to reduce plastic pollution, citizens don’t seem to pay heed to the mess they are creating. Only we can change the grave reality.

Let’s start working on it, today!

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