Tamil Nadu Tour Guide Gracefully Performs & Explains Kathakali Mudras, Watch Video

No matter which part of the world you travel to, most architectural sites, monuments and places of worship have guided tours. Some places have pre-recorded audio tours while others have a professional describing its significance and origin story.

But let’s be honest here, audio guides are somewhat boring and tour guides often rattle off dates and facts in a very dry manner. There are very few guides who make the session interactive and fun for tourists. And Prabhoo is one of them.

According to News18, Prabhoo is a tour guide in Tamil Nadu. He performs classical vocals and Kathakali dance mudras so that people understand their meaning better. Check him out in action here.

Hindustan Times reports that the video was first shared by IAS officer Priyanka Shukla. In the video, Prabhoo can be seen decoding facial expressions and eyebrow movements used in the dance form rooted in Kerala. He also shows everyone the hand movements of waves, cobras, peacocks, lotuses and the striking poses of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

People are truly impressed by his grace and are praising him for showcasing Indian culture in a way that’s easy to understand and appreciate by anyone. Even someone who is completely unfamiliar about it.

Kudos to his dedication and immense love for the classical arts which shines through in his passionate and spirited guided tour.

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