Top 10 Korean Beauty Products To Buy In 2020 For Healthy, Glowing Skin

Skincare is taken very, very seriously in Korea. A 10-step skincare routine is considered normal there. Also, a lot of research is put into the ingredients that constitute such products. Most of them are natural and chemical-free. Which is what makes them highly sought-after and effective. The good news for us is that now they are easily available in India. If you’re new to the world of K-beauty, worry not because we’ve compiled a list of all the good stuff.

  1. The Faceshop Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel

If a daily moisturiser is what you’re after, look no further. The USP of this gel is that it’s paraben free and contains no artificial colouring. Aloe vera is known to calm irritated or sunburnt skin without leaving any oily residue.

You can buy it from here.

2. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask


This overnight treatment is a godsend for those who have dry skin. Just apply it before you go to sleep and wake up with plump, hydrated and smooth skin. The price paid is totally worth the results.

You can buy it from here.

3. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula Licorice Extract Skin Brightening Facial Serum

No anti-ageing skincare routine is complete without a serum. The best way to apply a serum is at night, on a cleansed faced before putting on moisturiser/ night cream. This one, in particular, is highly recommended for acne prone skin.

You can buy it from here.

4. Lovely Meex Mini Pet Perfumed Hand Cream

The super cute and totally adorable packaging should be reason enough to add this hand cream to your shopping cart. But if you’re not swayed by outward appearances, let me tell you that it contains shea butter and argan oil. They are guaranteed to make your hands feel baby soft.

You can buy it from here.

5. Mirabelle Berries Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are the most famous exports from Korea taking the skincare world by a storm. They’re easy to use and give instant hydration. Just take out the mask and apply on your freshly washed face for 10-15 minutes. This one’s unisex so guys can use it too! You can never have enough sheet masks. In this case, the more the berrier 😛 Also, Mirabelle masks are made from 100% pure cotton.

You can buy it from here.

6. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula VC Effector Facial Serum

Vitamin C as an ingredient has proven to rejuvenate skin and impart it a healthy glow. Consistent use over time also lightens dark spots and blemishes. So it is only natural that we include it in our daily regime. What’s so great about this brand is that their serums are alcohol-free.

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You can buy it from here.

7. Cosrx Low PH Good Morning Gel Cleanser


This cleanser is gentle on the skin, fragrance-free and also serves as a great makeup remover. The USP is that it helps maintain the ideal pH balance of facial skin i.e. 5. A definite must-have for your daily morning skincare ritual.

You can buy it from here.

8. MIZON Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule


The name and the main ingredient will definitely weird you out. But if you can get past it, the benefits of using an ampoule with snail mucin are plenty. It has shown a significant reduction in lines, acne scars and pigmentation of users.

You can buy it from here.

9. SWANICOCO Intensive Vital Swan Cream

A bit on the expensive side, but filled with the best ingredients. This nourishing cream will provide much-needed moisture to your face and neck in the cold winter months.

You can buy it from here.

10. The Face Shop Chia Seed No Shine Intense Hydrating Cream

In the market for a cream that’s lightweight, non-sticky and still capable of keeping dryness at bay? This one ticks all the 3 boxes. The natural goodness of chia seeds and cotton seeds is just a bonus.

You can buy it from here.

Have you tried any of these K-beauty products before? Did you like them?

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