K-Pop Fans Accuse Tony Kakkar Of Copying Band ‘Blackpink’ In His Video ‘Booty Shake’

There have been numerous instances where artists from the Indian entertainment industry have been accused of copying international songs, movies, and scenes. For example, a song from the Ranbir Kapoor starrer ‘Besharam’ carbon-copied the tune of ‘Bella Ciao’. Even the Nora Fatehi starrer song ‘Pachtaoge’ was accused to be a copy of Beyonce’s Mine’.

And now, Tony Kakkar’s recent music video ‘Booty Shake’ has been accused of copying the K-Pop band BlackPink’s song ‘Ice Cream’.

The background setup and costumes from โ€˜Booty Shake’ are strikingly similar to those of ‘Ice Cream’. Take for example these two scenes:

This is a scene from ‘Booty Shake’.

And this is from ‘Ice Cream’.

From the women’s costumes to the angular wall in the background, the tennis net to the pink and white colour scheme – the similarities cannot be missed.

Watch the two videos here:

There’s another scene in ‘Booty Shake’ which is accused to be a copy of a scene from the song ‘Oh’ by Girl’s Generation:

However, this isn’t the first time Tony Kakkar has been accused of copying K-Pop tracks. Earlier, scenes from his song ‘Shona Shona’ seemed like a copy of ‘Beware’ by I’zone and ‘Like A Movie’ by B1A4.

In fact, ‘Shona Shona’ can be called a blatant copy of ‘Like A Movie’:

Many people online slammed Tony Kakkar for copying K-Pop music videos without giving credit and called it “disrespectful”.

There is nothing wrong with getting “inspired” by iconic artists and their work. But it is shameful when you copy their entire concept and don’t even give them credit.

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