Twitter Celebrates As Iconic Cartoon Show ‘Tom And Jerry’ Turns 80


Tom and Jerry! A cartoon series that many of us grew up watching (and still watch). I remember rushing home after school to catch the episode of this funny cat and mouse rivalry. And if you watched the show avidly like me, I am sure you enjoyed Jerry’s wicked plans to trouble Tom.

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While we don’t need any particular reason to go down memory lane, it’s been 80 years since the iconic show first aired on TV. In 1940, directors William Hanna and Joseph Barbera created the Tom and Jerry show out of boredom, reports BBC. Yes! Can you believe this? The world-famous double act was born out of desperation. The hit series went on to win the prestigious Academy Awards as well.


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So, it goes without saying that fans from around the globe celebrated 80 years of the popular series. Have a look at some of the tweets that people shared as they walked down memory lane:

Hands down, ‘Tom and Jerry’ is our favorite show. How about you? Were you team Tom or team Jerry? Let us know in the comments below.

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