This Man Was Criticized For ‘Doing Nothing’, So He Turns It Into A Job & Earns ₹5K Per Hour

While trying to finish multiple assignments before the dreaded deadline, many of us dream about having a life where we could earn money by doing nothing. What if I told you that one man from Tokyo is actually living the dream?

Meet Shoji Morimoto, a man who earns Rs 5,769 per hour (10,000 yen) by doing “nothing”.

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What’s funny is that earlier, he used to work for a publishing company and often got criticised for doing nothing. So he decided to make that his job instead. Here’s how.

According to Moneycontrol, Shoji Morimoto rents himself out to people who need company. This doesn’t include serious services like moving around a fridge, going for a vacation or having sex with a client.

“Basically, I rent myself out. My job is to be wherever my clients want me to be and to do nothing in particular,” he said.

He has over 250K followers on Twitter – a place where he gets most of his clients from. In the past 4 years, he has had over 4,000 sessions and some of his clients are recurring. There’s this one client who has booked him 270 times. He does 2 sessions per day.

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Some clients want to visit the park and ride the see-saw but have no one to take along with them. So they book Morimoto. There was one client who wanted to be taken to the train station and be waved goodbye.

There was another client, a 27-year-old Data Analyst who wanted to go out wearing a brand new saree. She didn’t want to go with her friends so she booked Morimoto instead.

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“With my friends, I feel I have to entertain them, but with the rental guy (Morimoto) I don’t feel the need to be chatty,” India Today quoted the woman said.

Giving companionship to people or “doing nothing” is Morimoto’s main source of income with which he supports his wife and child.

“People tend to think that my ‘doing nothing’ is valuable because it is useful (for others)… But it’s fine to really not do anything. People do not have to be useful in any specific way,” he said.

It’s true! We have this idea in our heads that being “useful” comes with a very specific set of qualities. Engineers are useful. Doctors are useful. Teachers are useful. But as it turns out, there are other very different ways in which one can be useful, sometimes just by doing nothing! 🙂

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