Parents Prank 2-YO With Banana For Christmas; But, Her Excitement Thrills Them, Watch Video

Have you been a good or bad person this year? With Christmas just around the corner, people have started preparing their secret wish list for Santa. While some kids want exorbitant gifts like iPhone 11 others are just grateful for their families and friends.

In either case, the best way to know if a child loves your gift or no is by looking at their honest reactions. A little girl’s parents attempted to gift her the ‘worst Christmas gift’ ever but the toddler’s reaction shocked them.

Watch the video here:

According to Indian Express, little Aria received her present a little ahead of Christmas and while unwrapping the gift she realized it was a banana. The two-year-old screamed with joy and excitedly kicked her little feet. She yelled “banana” with great exuberance and asked her mother to peel the fruit.

However, in the longer version of the video posted on Youtube, Aria’s father explained how this was just a prank and the little girl did receive actual presents.

Watch the entire video:

In any case, the pure joy on Aria’s innocent face garnered affectionate reactions online. Have a look:

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Few also compared her reaction to the adorable Minions:

The little girl’s innocent reaction surely has our heart, what about you? Tell us in the comments below.

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