Toddler Comforts His Terrified Dog During A Thunderstorm, People Say, ‘That’s Love’

Most of us might have observed that dogs often tend to hide underneath the stairs, the bed, chair or any other secluded place when they hear loud noises like that of a thunderstorm or a cracker. Well, according to research, ‘dogs experience painful shocks from static build-up before the storm’ and the anxiety often gets worse as storms become more frequent.

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In that case, taking extra care of the doggo and supporting them emotionally with a bit of cuddling often helps. Just the way this toddler did to comfort his terrified doggo.

In a viral video, a toddler is seen comforting his terrified golden retriever during a thunderstorm. NDTV reports that the two appear to be hiding in a washroom as the toddler tries to comfort his furry buddy by gently petting and cuddling him. The video was recently shared online by a user named @akkitwts and since then it has been extensively shared.

People were in awe of the toddler and praised him for sticking with the doggo and consoling him in an adverse situation:

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Although there are people to look after the pet dogs at times like these, there’s hardly anyone who even thinks about the pain the streets dogs undergo especially with all the rain, hail and thunderstorm happening in the country RN. So, the next time you see a doggo hiding under a tree or just outside your house, consider providing them with a safe and dry space rather than shooing them away.

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