TN ‘Kabadiwala’ Returns Gold Jewelry Worth ₹5Lakh To Woman After She Accidentally Gave It Away

Be it Diwali or not, my mother has this habit of keeping the house spotless and clutter-free. And the only person who benefits from her OCD is the ‘raddiwala’. Looks like this woman from Tamil Nadu went too far with her cleaning routine and ended up handing the ‘kabadiwala’ some of her most prized possession.

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Kaladevi,45, a resident of Vignesh Nagar in Rasipuram, Tamil Nadu, was doing her routine cleaning when she sold her old newspapers, notebooks, plastic and other household discards to a scrap dealer. However, she accidentally ended up handing over 5 lakh worth gold and diamond jewellery, reported TOI. Kaladevi realised the blunder she had made after the scrap dealer left her neighbourhood. She ended up giving the scrap merchant her mangal sutra, a couple of gold bangles and a pair of diamond earrings, all worth Rs. 5 lakh.

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Even after multiple attempts, she couldn’t find the man in the vicinity. That is when she decided to lodge a complaint in the nearby police station. The cops were able to identify the man as Selvaraj after checking the CCTV camera footage of the area. On being questioned about the gold coins, the honest scrap dealer Selvaraj agreed that there were gold ornaments inside the newspapers, which he had collected from Kaladevi’s house, reported NIE.

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Kaladevi told the police that she had kept her jewellery in the bulk of old newspapers due to fear of robbers. “Burglars had entered many houses in my locality and had stolen jewellery,” that is why she started keeping them in old newspapers.

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But unlike what some would do, Selvaraj returned the gold coins to Kaladevi. Delighted by his honestly, she even rewarded him with cash worth Rs 10,000 as a token of appreciation.

We are just delighted that people like Selvaraj set an example that not everyone is here to con you.

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