TISS Hyderabad Students Allege Molestation In Broad Daylight, Blame Admin For Inaction

Safety, these days, is an illusion. More so for women. Just look at all the things they have to deal with on a daily basis: discrimination, misogyny, eve teasing, domestic violence, sexual harassment at the workplace, molestation in public places, the ever looming threat of rape, and do I need to go on? It is interfering with their education, careers and their basic living.

And even though the world is trying to rally for a better future for womankind, there is lots to do. And a good place to start would be swiftly addressing pleas for help like this one here.

Twitter user @nirbhayapahwa shared a picture of what can be termed an SOS from the students at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Hyderabad. This comes after several incidents of female students were molested outside the institute.

The document in the picture appears to be some kind of a written complaint that the students of TISS have drafted. It talks about how the students are being sexually harassed and calls upon the institute to take cognizance of the incidents.

The incidents involve the same perpetrator, a man on a Royal Enfield bike, who gropes female students when they’re walking outside the institute’s gate. The declaration further mentions that because of the shock value, the victims haven’t been able to note down the bike’s number.

The note alleges that this isn’t an isolated case and the incidents have been reported by the students to the administation. However, there has been no action taken as yet.

“The most disturbing fact about this is the lack of accountability from the prestigious Tata Institute.”

We tried contacting the Twitter user who has come forth with this incident report and further information is expected.

Right now it is difficult to determine what this situation will lead to. However, one thing that cannot be denied is that the administration does have a responsibility to secure their students’ safety and forward these grievances to the police.