Woman Asks Twitter For Tips On How To Save Money, People Respond With Memes

Accept it – we are a generation that completely sucks when it comes to saving money.

We all want that newly launched phone with the amazing camera which makes us look like an influencer. We all want to grab a coffee at Starbucks even though we know it’s ridiculously expensive. We all want to wear the newest fashion and eat at the best restaurants. And tada! Your bank account starts crying 2 weeks into the month.

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If there is something we truly need to learn, that would be how to save money. Because let’s face it if we were to lose our jobs any minute we’d have to immediately call our parents for help!

A similar soul who probably has more of a splurging tendency took to Twitter to ask people ways in which she could save up:

While some people did give good advice, like investing in mutual funds or keeping aside a certain amount right when the salary is credited, some were as clueless as rest of us are:

As the year comes to an end, one of my most important New Year’s resolutions is to save money. But wait, that’s the same resolution I had a year before…and the year before that.

Maybe I need help too!