From English Lessons To Health Tips, TikTok Is The New Home For Educational Content

I was once of the opinion that TikTok is nothing but a video sharing platform which gives people their daily dose of entertainment. Until I read about their #PetBFF campaign. I was impressed by how TikTok was doing its fair bit in rescuing, treating, and helping adopt stray animals. It was surprising how people were using the entertainment medium to do our society some good!

Talking of entertainment, we tend to spend much of our free time¬†scrolling through social media and countless videos to entertain ourselves. Wouldn’t it be perfect if we could learn something new and educate ourselves while doing the same?

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TikTok is bringing this idea alive with its new #EduTok campaign and is working towards making learning and education the new cool. This initiative is inspiring users to create meaningful content surrounding education, health, wellness, motivation, etc. Now, the huge TikTok audience will be learning something new with each video they see!

From spoken English classes to life hacks, workout-routines to learning about several medical conditions, TikTok creators have already grasped the opportunity to share their knowledge with others. Hence, TikTok is supporting independent content creators in having their own identity.

Like Geet, a wheelchair-bound engineer, lawyer, social worker, and motivational speaker who uses TikTok as a medium to teach her audience spoken English and also create awareness about women’s rights, child abuse, and disability.

And Animesh, a doctor running his centre at Delhi who uses TikTok to spread awareness about various health conditions.

#EduTok has also helped creator Mridul Madhok teach healthy habits to his followers.

Creators like Geet, Dr Animesh, and Mridul Madhok are inspiring many others to kickstart their teaching journey through TikTok.

Pushing the initiative further, TikTok has also invited educational organisations and institutions to help TikTok’s wide user base learn new things. One can now scroll through multiple fun videos and simultaneously¬†increase their skill set, their understanding and awareness of various topics, and develop their overall profile.

From an ‘over-entertainment’ platform, it is great to see how TikTok has emerged into a medium for powerful content that can be used for social good!