Tiger Shroff Slams A Fan Who Jumped From A 13ft Wall After Being Inspired By Him!

“The stunts shown in the movie are either performed by professionals or are performed under supervision of professionals. For your safety and those around you, DO NOT re-enact them or try this at home.”

How many time does this statutory warning flash before the screen? The answer is every time a movie is about to start. Do people take it seriously? No!

Despite the numerous warnings, people try and ape daredevil stunts and risk their lives. In an attempt to impress his favourite actor, Tiger Shroff, a fan uploaded a video of overcoming his fear of heights by jumping from a 13 feet high wall, without any harness of safety net.

He tweeted to Tiger. And, it did catch his eye. But Tiger’s reaction was something he didn’t expect. He thought the Heropanti star would be mighty impressed, but instead, Tiger was highly disappointed.

Seeing the reaction, he realized his mistake and promised to not do anything like it ever again.

That’s not it, he apologised again.

There have been several instances where movie-buffs have tried to re-enact popular stunts and lost lives. The Baahubali jump is still fresh in our minds.We urge all, again, to never risk their lives in any way, and be responsible.

Dear Tiger, we were left mighty impressed after seeing you gentlemanly nature on Koffee with Karan and after seeing this we’ve even more respect for you. <3

The new kid on the block knows how he influences people and wishes to do so responsibly. Way to go, Tiger! *woot woot*

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