Coke Zero Leaves Tiger Shroff Speechless, So Influencers Add Funny Voiceovers To His Thoughts

It is rare to see Tiger Shroff not doing anything. He backflips, dances, hits and kicks through life and always has something interesting to say when in the public eye. However, in the recent Coke Zero TVC, he steps a bit out of character.

In the advertisement, we see Tiger Shroff drinking from a bottle of Coke Zero and not saying anything about it. He is so spell-bound by CokeZero’s flavours, that the only thing that comes out of his mouth after tasting it is “Really?”

As viewers, we are left wanting more.

How does it taste?
Does it taste the same as the original Coke?

We want to know! But all we get is radio silence as the man enjoys his drink, getting lost in its taste. He spaces out while the rest of the world carries on.

However, in an interesting twist, RJs and comedians took this as an opportunity to add hilarious voiceovers to Tiger’s thoughts. Abish Mathew, RJ Praveen, RJ Kisna, RJ Naved, and RJ Mahvash took the video and added their own personal touch to it by reimagining what was going on in Tiger’s mind while drinking Coke Zero.

“Iss waqt toh yeh sher sher bhi chillate toh main nahi sunta. Baap ka, dada ka, bhai ka…sabke hisse ka piyega tera yeh Tiger!” says RJ Mahvash, while giving a hatke voice to Tiger’s thoughts.

On the other hand, Abish Mathew says, “Wow this tastes great! I mean, way better than my Instagram algorithm.”

However, the voiceover by RJ Kisna is my personal favourite. He says, “Bottle mere muh se aise chipak gayi hai jaise madhumakkhi chipakti hai chatte se. Hataye nahi hat rahi hai. Shareer mein urja ka sanchaar ho raha hai.”

Have a look:


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Firstly, we need to talk about the TVC. It is simple and has very few dialogues. Tiger is silent but the message is delivered loud and clear – one sip of Coke Zero and you wouldn’t be able to put the drink down until you finish it. It tastes that good!

Next, to make social media influencers, who are popular for their wit, speak on Tiger’s behalf and put a voice to his thoughts was a next-level idea. It’s fun, creative and engaging. It makes people think, aisa kya taste hai?

Unless you try it, you will never know. And who knows, even you might not be able to put the bottle down and eventually, space out from the world!

Have a look at the original TVC here:

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