‘Ok, Tata, Bye!’ Someone Wrote A 3-Word Resignation Letter, Twitter Has Suggestions Too

Not everyone loves their job enough to dedicate their heart and soul to it. In fact, some hate it so much that they are just waiting for that one golden opportunity to write a resignation letter to the company.

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Well, someone was done to the dogs with their company. Hence, the person didn’t even invest another minute in writing a full-fledged resignation letter reasoning their sign-off.

The crisp and to-the-point letter was found online by a user and it reflects the frustration of the employee who literally wrote three words- ‘Bye Bye Sir’ on the letter.

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The letter was duly signed to make it official.

This short and sweet parting-away letter tickled many funny bones. This is how people reacted to it.

Well, there’s no dearth of such creative ideas to quit a job in style. Earlier, a man sent a ‘Sorry For Your Loss’ card to his boss to resign.

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