No, This Singaporean Photographer Is Not 22. To Guess His Age, Think 30 Years Older!

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The one thing you envy about Vampires is probably the wrinkle-free skin and age-defying grace. Well, Chuando Tan is living proof that you can achieve uber-cool levels of Vampiristic perfection sans the blood lust. This Singaporean photographer is a fashionista who is 52 going on 22.

Don’t believe us? Feast your eyes on these pictures of the photographer. They prove he’s runway-ready at all of 52!

1. Only a certain 007 could compete with Chuando’s Tuxedo look.

2. Plaid shirt, nerdy glasses- Check! He personifies nerdy cool.

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Kaws eyed squad #seenoevil #seeingwatching #ifs @kaws

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3. His drool-worthy 8 pack abs would put Tiger muscled bod to shame.

4. Can you believe this biker boy is a quadragenarian!

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If only I could, I would 👐

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5. He rocks a denim Tee better than all the stars in Student of the Year!

6. Papped and pretty in pink! You’d almost forget he’s a photographer himself.

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7. Oozing sex appeal in this look, Chuando certainly looks like the real-life Dorian Gray.

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8. Pyjamas may be forgiving, but it’s modish silk pants for this fashionista!

9. This 52-year-old rocks the classic white T-shirt better than any model!

10. Forget 52 or 22. He doesn’t look a day over 19 in this video!

Here’s what he has to say about his age-defying looks!

“There are many people who are still very puzzled about the way how I look at 52. But I do think it is all about logic.-

I mean if we did exercise and watch our diet before we get too old, we’ll kind of slow down the aging process. If only I could look the same as now when I’m 60, then perhaps there’s still time for me to change my name to Dorian!”

Well, with a bod like that, Chuando’s word is the gospel innit?

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