Girl Who Grew Up With 13 Siblings Urges People Not To Have “Too Many Kids”

Despite the nok-jkok and pranks, our siblings are truly the ones we cannot live without. Right from the constant support they offer to the almost unbearable roasting, it can be a great feeling to be surrounded by cousins or even your brothers and sisters. However, a social media user has a very different perspective on this.

The woman who has 4 brothers, one non-binary sibling and 8 sisters urges parents not to have 14 children. She grew up in an Irish Catholic home, on a soybean farm in Ohio, USA. Mirror UK reports that she shared a video detailing horrors of her childhood. She revealed that her mom was widowed after her dad’s demise and her older siblings took on a lot of additional responsibilities.

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She says, “Please don’t have 14 kids, I grew up with 13 biological siblings and this is why you should not have this many kids. Do not get me wrong, I am incredibly thankful for each and every one of my siblings, however, growing up with that many siblings also has its negative implications.”

Speaking of the issues that arise with growing up in a large family, she revealed she felt left out and neglected. “No matter how hard you try, there is absolutely no way that each and every one of those kids is going to have an equal amount of attention from the parent. When I was a teenager I started acting out in negative ways because I wanted that attention that I was being starved from which continued on into my young adult life.

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“The older siblings become the parents of the younger siblings. With that many kids, it is almost impossible to get through everyday tasks with two parents and I only had one. I can genuinely say as teenagers my older sisters raised me.

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The woman explained that her sisters were overloaded with responsibility. “They were the ones making my school lunches, making sure that I brushed my teeth, getting me to and from school. Kids shouldn’t be forced to grow up like that just because you want to have that many kids,” she concluded.

Did you grow up in a large family with your cousins or siblings? If so, did you ever feel overwhelmed with responsibilities? Share your experiences with us.

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