15 Things You Definitely Lose When You Join College

In India, going to college is as much a ritual as dancing in a wedding. It’s all fun and game until you start missing things back at home. Here’s a list of privileges all students sign up to lose once they join college:

1. TV


Even if there is one, the TV to student ratio is same as the number of IITs to the number of engineering students in the country


2. You lose the monetary security


Because the money you get for the month would always be not enough!


3. Clean clothes


Because you would rather go to a party with free drinks than do your laundry.


4. Clean bathrooms



5. Privacy


Once you have roommates a lot of things including your privacy, disappears.


6. The Ghar Ka Khana


Because the hostel food can never achieve the Ma Ke Haath Ka Swaad status.


7. Eating in peace


Because someone or the other will always want to share.


8. The peace of mind that nobody will steal your things from the common fridge


Midnight snacking on ice-creams becomes a sweet, distant dream.


9. Your single status


Statistics show that every Indian student attending college has been stuck in the relationship trap at least one. The geeky ones surprisingly faster than the rest.


10. Phone balance


Be it to talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend or discussing the syllabus a day before the exam; your phone balance is the only thing that drains out faster than your sanity.


11. The constant attention and pampering


Your hostel attendants are not your parents. Deal with it.  :'(


12. Not feeling bad about being friend-zoned


This is why school was a lot more fun.


13. Neatly arranged rooms and cupboards


From ‘neat and tidy’ mode to ‘bhagwan bhadose’ mode.


14. Access to your own vehicle and being jealous of friends who do have it


Did you know: Vehicles are not allowed in many colleges. Now you know.


15. Finally, you lose your alcohol virginity


Which is not a bad thing at all, but you lose it nonetheless.

While college makes you miss out on a lot of things from home, it also gives you the most wonderful memories, best of friends and the most rewarding experiences in life. So make the best of your time in college.

P.S. Of course that means studying as well.

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