15 Things You Feel When You Go Home After A Long Time

“Home is where I can eat all my mom’s delicacies and chat for hours with my dad.” If the holiday season (read as Dussehra and Diwali) is drawing you to your home after a long time, like a month, then here is the mental checklist of 15 things to look forward to.

So go ahead, read and nod on:

1. You stay super excited from the moment your trip home gets confirmed



2. Once you board your bus/train/flight, you constantly keep checking your phone for time left to reach home



3. The feeling of familiarity when you step into your neighbourhood


It feels unreal, but it feels amazing that you’ve been away for so long.


4. Staying at home gives you the feeling of staying in a wonderland



5. Your mom trying to feed you everything at a go


Praise the Lord. Now I can stop surviving on noodles.


6. Not needing an alarm for you to wake up


“Mummyyyy kal 7 baje utha dena”


7. A fridge full of food.


Yes, ‘achche din’ are here and your fridge doesn’t have to look poverty stricken.


8. TV


Nothing to say here.


9. No worries about your work, or grocery shopping or anything


Being away from the real world.


10. Sleeping early (and in some cases sleeping throughout the day)


Yasss! Gone are the nocturnal vampire days


11. Using your own bathroom



12. You prefer staying inside your house the whole time


It’s so comfortable.


13. Meeting old friends you haven’t met in a really long time



14. Looking forward to that pampering only your parents can give you


Those lengthy heart-to-heart conversations you can have with nobody else.


15. And your heart breaks every time you have to leave home and stay away from it for months



But Mom & Dad, I will be back soon


After all, there’s no place like home.

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