15 Dialogues You Hear From Every Real Estate Broker In India

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These days a lot of youngsters leave their home town and move to different cities for job and education purpose. One basic requirement of every house hunter is to find a decent and clean home.  Estate agents become their best friends until they find one such house that can be called as home.

Here are some insanely funny questions asked and suggestions given by estate agents.

 1. Ghar kharidna hai ya bhade pe lena hai?

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Do I look like I can afford to buy a house at this age?


2. Ghar samajh mein aah raha hai kya?

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Samjhne wali kya baat hai, pasand aana chahiye na!


3. Issey sasta wala bhi hai, par humko pata hai aapko pasand nahi aayega

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You just met me an hour ago, how can you judge my choice?


4. Thoda toh adjust karna padega, budget kam hai

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Two rats can’t stand straight here, how am I supposed to live here?


5. Thande paani se nahane ki aadat hai na?

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You mean to say I will have to take cold water showers? Dude winter is coming!


6. Aapke budget wala area aapko office/college se durr padega

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Why? This area doesn’t look like a lavish one either.


7. Thoda aur budget badhao, toh accha ghar milega

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If I had a big budget wouldn’t I pay instalments instead of rent?


8. Yeh area jaldi upar aane wala hai, iseliye idhar ke rates thode jyada hai

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But I don’t see any development here yet.


9. Paani ka thoda problem hai, par subha jaldi uthna sehat ke liye accha hai

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Wait, why are you sounding like my parents?


10. Idhar IT ke log bohot hai, iseliye rates jyada hai

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Bhai non IT wale log kya karenge?


11. Sir itne rent mein parking free hai

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Cycle kharidne ke paise nahi hai, parking leke kya achaar daalu?


12. Thoda budget badhao acche facilities milenge

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Mein kya mazze maarne ke liye ghar se dur aaraha hun? Facilities leke ghanta kuch ukhadne wala hai.


13. Aapka Choice bohot accha hai, sahi ghar pasand kiya aapne

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Yeah, I know my choice is good.


14. Aapko jitna theek samjhe de dena, waise hum 1.5 mahine ka bhada lete hai

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Wow, that’s not how much I intend to give.


15. Ghar mein koi taklif toh nahi ho rahi na?

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Well, thanks for your concern.

Their funny questions and stupid suggestions will make you never want to leave your own city/town. Although we must agree, it’s coz of them that we are introduced to our perfect dream home in a new city.

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