People Share Sweet Things Their Parents Do That Make Them Feel Loved

Our parents are our very first teachers. But their work doesn’t stop at teaching us how to walk and talk. It continues throughout our life – be it issues at school, finding the right career path, and even when we ourselves have kids of our own. Through all of these ups and downs, they do a lot of things that make us feel loved, protected, and appreciated.

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And people on Reddit are sharing their personal stories of exactly how their parents tackle issues, talk to them and have their backs which they are really grateful for.

Teens of reddit, what’s something that your parents/guardians do that makes you feel loved and appreciated? from AskReddit

1. Playing and learning together

2. Food made with love


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3. Trust

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4. Unconditional respect and support

5. Openness and honesty

6. The little things

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This thread truly is gold for new parents and will stand them in good stead, don’t you think?

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