5 Things That Strangely Never Change In Indian Colleges

Purani jeans aur guitar,
Canteen ki woh Maggi, aur bunking classes baar baar,
Woh raaton ko jaagna… for birthday parties (and also to make PPTs)
Finding new crushes at college fests every year…

No matter which state you are from or when you have graduated, these Indian college memories are constant just like the speed of light in Physics equations.

If you think about it, even the curriculum hasn’t changed! From the questions asked in exams to studying the same books, here are 5 things that have remained the same for students in Indian colleges:

1. Working on Copy-pasting numerous practical files

Raise your hands if you glass-traced your engineering graphics drawings. ✋

2. Using Dumps to prepare for exams

Because, “This question was asked in 2014 but not in 2015. So it will definitely come in 2016.”

3. Studying from the same books that our ancestors did

We might some day shift to Mars. But even there we will study HC Verma and Irodov! 💁‍♀️

4. Mugging up everything last minute just to score passing marks (40) out of 100

Remember staying up till 3 AM on the day of the exam memorizing the pin diagram of 8086 microprocessor?!

GIF source

5. Studying concepts that we will never use in real life

Imaginary numbers → never used after college.
Speed of ball rolling down a friction-less slope → yeah, right!😐

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Then one day, we graduated. We faced the real world. We got our first jobs. But we soon realised that most of the things that were taught back in college are actually outdated and aren’t of much use now. The modern world is moving at the speed with which we mugged up the syllabus a night before the exam.

So what to do now?

In today’s age, learning new, relevant skills that are in demand seems like the best way to power through our careers. Because we can’t get a cutting-edge technical job with a degree that taught us tech from the 1980s. It’s like going to war with a toothpick.😐

Let’s admit it, Naya Zamaana demands Naye Zamaane Ke Degrees.

Higher education platforms like Great Learning partner with top universities to offer UGC-approved degree programs (MBA, MCA, M.Tech) in domains like Digital Marketing, Data Science, Machine Learning, Operations Management, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Full-Stack Development, Digital Finance which are in-sync with the current job demands and trends.

Many of us wish to go back in life and relive our fun college days, but none of us is okay with being stuck there forever! Because nostalgia is comforting, being stuck in old zamaana is not.

Cheers to learning. Cheers to progress. 🚀

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