Men Online Share Things They’re Forced To Do Because Of Societal Pressure

We often find that society has sadly, drawn a set of parameters that often govern our actions and behavior. And if you don’t play by the rules, you’re often termed a nonconformist and sometimes, looked down upon, because ‘log kya kahenge.’

And like women, even men feel that sometimes they’re forced to do certain things they dislike just because they’re a ‘man’.

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Realizing how difficult it would have been for men to half-heartedly conform to the societal norms, a Reddit user asked them this:

What is one thing you wish you didn’t feel forced to do but you do anyway because "you’re a man" ? from AskMen

From keeping their emotions bottled up to having a career, men opened up about things they forcefully do because of societal pressures.

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While most of us encourage women to follow their hearts, we rarely hear people advising the same to men.

To be a billionaire or a stay-at-home dad; to lounge around all day, or to take kids to the park, other’s opinions shouldn’t take away your happiness. It’s time we, as a society, stop judging people on the basis of regressive societal norms. Don’t you think?

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