10 Things A Girl Goes Through When She’s PMSing

PMS is that dreadful time of the month that every girl and the guy who is closely related to that girl goes through. Boys hate premenstrual syndrome as much as girls do. No one could really figure out the right way to behave during this time of the month. All the changes going inside the body are directly proportional to the mood and eating habits of a girl. And, of course, her behaviour towards her bae. It’s a real thing, guys. You have no idea.

Here are some typical things girls do when they’re PMSing.

1. They fight and fight for no reason

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Look it happens, it’s a vulnerable state.


2. Girls are so high on hormones that they easily cry over the silliest of reasons

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But it’s just hormones oozing out tears you know? Not really their fault. 😛


3. Eat all kinds of junk. Especially chocolates and ice cream. The craving just calls from within

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Brownie, chocolates, chocolate truffle. Yum!


4. They overthink everything. Make a mountain out of a molehill

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Let’s try to calm down, yeah?


5. Get cranky about everything. Nothing pleases them during this time

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Especially nothing that her boyfriend does for her.


6. Get emotional about anything and everything that is not even remotely related to them

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We can totes feel bad for a dog who is 100km away living with his owner in a small space that we’ve never even seen.


7. Feel scared about little things that even ants aren’t afraid of

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Is that person stalking me? What if I get killed tonight?


8. Want to be left out all alone and complain about feeling lonely

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What do you want woman?


9. They want to kill anything and everything that comes in their way

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Or maybe not. They’re just not in the right frame of mind you know?


10. Deny that they’re going through PMS


It’s not PMS, it’s you!

That’s what PMS does to girls, it turns them into wildly confused monsters that are cute from a distance.

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