People Are Cheerfully Listing ‘Just Desi’ Things Found In Every Middle-class Home

If you are born in a desi middle-class household like me, then you would exactly know the door behind which mom has hung a carry bag that contains all the other carry bags or the old ragged steel almari that houses all your old, ghar k kapdey.

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Well, a Reddit user recently shared the things that one would definitely find in a Mumbai middle-class home.

Mumbai middle-class starter pack from mumbai

And within minutes, desi people hopped in to share the other weird things that almost all Indian middle-class households have and trust me, the Reddit thread is on point!

Take a look at the comments here:

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Representative Image

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Well, you aren’t desi enough if you haven’t forwarded the Son Papdi ka dabba that you got from a relative on Diwali. How many of these things did you find at your home?

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