15 Things You Feel When Your Best Friend Gets Married

Every girl dreams of having a fairy-tale wedding; until her best friend gets married. That’s when she starts noting down the pros and cons of a wedding and that’s when she starts having these thoughts for her best friend:

1. OMG, my best friend is getting married

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Is it really happening?!!


2. Yay, now we can do some crazy shopping together

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3. But, what will I wear on her wedding day? *freaks out*

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4. I should be her wedding planner


And totally plan out a bachelorette party. 😉


There’s so much preparation to do and so less time

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5. Checking out guys from the baraati side will be my main agenda

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6. For my wedding I will…

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*mentally plans own wedding*


7. Is it time for me to settle down as well?

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8. We have grown up…so fast. We are adults!!!

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9. Nope, we are still kids. I think she’s marrying too early

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Denial mode.


10. Maybe she’s marrying the wrong guy

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Conspiracy mode.


11. Now I will have to share her with another person

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Sad mode.


12. Now she’s going to give priority to couple’s night over girls’ night out. Sigh!

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13. But the fact is that she feels happy & loved and I’m happy for her

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14. Infact I’m adding another friend (her husband) to my list, like right now

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15. And probably someday when I get married, four of us can go on a double date holiday..


..or we’ll plan our Honeymoons together. What fun!

There are only a few events in life as fun, emotional and exciting as a close friend’s wedding. If your job doesn’t allow you to attend your friend’s wedding, time to look for a new job.

Cheers to friendship.

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