7 Things You Deserve To Come Home To After A Long Day At Work

Being home is one of the best feelings. There, we said it! And entering your comfort zone called home after a tiring and long day is an unmatched feeling which can’t be explained in words. Go ahead, try if you can. But we’re pretty sure that it’s inexplicable.

When the day seems long and the time to go home seems longer, you know you are extremely tired. If we ask you ‘what is that you’d go and do when you reach home?’, we’re pretty sure the answer coming our way is rest. Well, you deserve it. But in addition to that, here are 7 more things you deserve after coming home after a really long day at work or otherwise.

1. A steaming cup of chai or coffee made with love.

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Now, you may be a tea person or a coffee person, that doesn’t matter.


2. Maa Ka Pyaar.

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That feeling of cosying up with your Mom, laying your head down in her lap and feeling the stroke of her hand on your head! Say bye-bye to tiredness.


3. Kiss or hug from your significant other.

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Those who have felt this would know, how a simple peck or a hug at the end of the day is a mood-changer.


4. The attention of your beloved dog or cat.

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Pet lovers would agree. Isn’t that adorable li’l baby of yours a stress-ball of fur? The way they prance around for attention is cute and will make you forget your day’s stress.


5. A comforter that you can lounge on.

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Don’t underestimate the power of a comforter! The way it wraps around you in perfection is something that would take your tensions away in minutes. Try it!


6. A Fridge stacked up with food.

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Oh, come on! This is a dream and it often comes true when you or your S.O or your mum has stacked the fridge with food. Food=Happiness is a formula we swear by.


7. A cosy room that is air-conditioned perfectly.

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Damn, these summers. The weather outside sucks and it’s also one of the major reasons of tiredness. But, the amazing feeling one gets when s/he walks into an air-conditioned room with optimal temperature is pretty relatable. And, who doesn’t love that? Or deserve that?

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