‘Don’t Get Married If’, Woman Lists Things Couples Should Discuss Before Getting Hitched


“Hum itni kursiyaan dekhte hain, ek lene se pehle. Phir apna life partner choose karne se pehle, options dekhne mein kya problem hai?”

I remember this amazing dialogue from ‘Dear Zindagi’ and how it completely changed the way I saw relationships and the freedom to explore and finally choose a person whom you could be in a relationship with. However, dating and marriage are two separate ball games altogether. Marriage requires you to think about various different aspects of a person and yourself that you didn’t even think mattered.

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To make choosing a life partner easier and to make sure both the partners are on the same page, one woman on Twitter shared 20 topics both parties should discuss before making the big decision. From managing finances, gender roles, to sexual compatibility, this thread touches on all that is important. Have a look:



Many marriages end up breaking because people don’t discuss such things and hence, don’t fully know what they are getting into. This leads to abundant compromises and sacrifices and honestly, who likes that? It’s best to talk about relevant issues, boundaries, finances, etc. before deciding to spend your life with someone. Don’t you think?

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