10 Little Things That Make Every Book Lover Happy

Books are wonderful- they have the ability to transport you to places that are magical, beautiful, and filled with possibilities. Book lovers often find joy in the smallest of things, but they hold a lot of meaning.

Here are a few things that make book lovers ecstatic:

1. The smell of old books

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And new.


2. When they find little things written in a second-hand book they buy

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It’s like there are little stories etched between so many pages of an old book.


3. A cozy, silent spot in a cafe

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Where they can absorb themselves in a world of their choice.


4. Meeting someone who shares their love for reading

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There’s no feeling like it, especially when that someone shares the same favourite book as them.


5. When they receive gift vouchers to a book store

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6. And when the book store has sales

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Combine that with the voucher, and the result is what love looks like.


7. When they find quirky new accessories for their books

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Book-ends, shelves, bookmarks, labels…you name it.


8. A membership card to a library that has a myriad of books to choose from

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It can take a book-lover’s breath away. Don’t be surprised if they shed a tear or two.


9. When they find a limited edition version of their favourite book from their childhood

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It’s the most cherished gift they can ever, ever have.


10. And finally, when they realize that they have one device to hold all of their favourite books, and they can read them anywhere and everywhere

Like Amish, book enthusiasts all over are incredibly in love with the written word. Be it any place, a book lover will never be alone, as long as they have a book by their side. And that makes them happy.

Because reading is dreaming with your eyes open.

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