13 Things About Men That Turn Women On


It is easy to turn women on. Nope, I am not talking about a kiss on the back of your lady’s ear, I am talking about turning her on from a distance. Here are some gestures and qualities about men that are definitely a turn on for every woman. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go out of your way to do something extraordinary, these are just the usuals that you have to do it right.

 Read on…

 1. Respect. Not just women but everyone and everything that breathes oxygen

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 Women notice this quality in your smallest gestures.


 2. Good sense of humor

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 We love it when you can make us laugh. Why do you think Kanan Gill has a lot of female fan following?


 3. Honesty

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 No one likes to be lied to. Honesty is appreciated over a sugar coated lie. Any. Given. Day.


 4. Knowledge about things. Anything and everything

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 No woman wants to hang out with a man who only talks about the weather.


 5. Man who is street smart and has the knack for talking well

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 It is a delight to watch her man do the talking. And do it right.


 6. Someone who is game for outdoor activities and loves to travel

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 Lazy ass looks good on only one thing: Lazy couch.


 7. Good dressing sense

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 You don’t have to be a fashionista, but dress well and it will attract many eyeballs.


8. Can cook/bake? Congrats! This is a total turn on

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This isn’t mandatory, but you will definitely score extra brownie points if you can cook/bake.


 9. Choice of cologne, I am not favoring deo ads here, but a man who smells beautiful scores beautiful

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 Yeah! Don’t overdo it, but a man with good fragrance on him is a definite head turner.


10. Man who can talk to his lady about things like movies, plays, music, books etc.,

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 There is a fine line here; you don’t have to boast about your knowledge, but have interesting topics to talk about.


 11. Watch them love and adore pet animals

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 It is a complete “Aaww… He is so cute I am falling for him”, moment for women.


 12. A man who can take his own decisions and live up to them

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 We notice whether you can stand up for yourself and your decisions.


 13. Generous and considerate

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 Nope, this does not mean you shower your woman with gifts and pay her bills. It’s just about how generous and considerate you are about things and people, in general.

So, all the men with these skills, I am sure you already get a lot of female attention. Congrats! All the other men who were not doing it right all this while, go ahead and do it right now. 🙂

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