Thief Tries To Escape With Gold Necklace, But Hilariously Falls Into Trap Set By Shop Owner

Thieves are cunning. Actually, they have to be, for fooling someone and escaping with their valuables is no legal or easy task. While some of them manage to succeed at their attempts at looting, the others fail miserably.

For example, take a look at this thief, who had no idea that the man he was dealing with, was one step ahead of him.

In a hilarious incident that took place in Chonburi, Thailand on November 30, a thief tried to escape a jewelry store with a gold chain only to be trolled by the owner. The CCTV footage which has gone viral, clearly shows a lanky man entering the store and asking for a gold chain worth approx Rs. 45k (632 U.S. Dollars).

According to NDTV, the thief has been identified as 27-year-old Suphachai Panthong.

As soon as the necklace was given to him, he wore the piece around his neck as a trial. However, after spending a few seconds admiring the necklace, the man made a dash towards the door, all of a sudden.

But alas! the door was closed.

In what can be termed as pure comedy, Panthong can be seen trying to open the door with all his might. Failing to do so, he quietly comes back to hand over the necklace and waited for the police to arrive.

For all you need to know, store owner Jarae Nitikarun, had already become suspicious and had closed the door remotely.

You can watch the video here:

According to reports, Panthong has been arrested and can be slammed with a term in prison.

Sorry bro, life just played a nasty game with you.