Lucknow: Thief Enters House To Steal, Finds AC, Switches It On & Sleeps

There was a time when during the school summer holidays, kids used to play outside till late afternoon hours and go back home only after their parents screamed at them and ordered them to come inside the house. This is unimaginable today, as temperatures in certain parts of India are exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. The heat is making it impossible for people to go to work and do their daily jobs properly. Even thieves are finding it difficult to do their job!

Here’s an example.

A thief in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, was arrested on Sunday, June 2, after being discovered asleep on the floor of a house he had broken into with the intent to rob. The man, heavily intoxicated, had turned on the air conditioner and dozed off, reported India Today.

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The bizarre incident occurred in the early hours in Indiranagar, where the house, owned by Dr. Sunil Pandey, stood unoccupied as Dr. Pandey was away on duty in Varanasi. Seizing the opportunity, the would-be thief managed to open the front gate and make his way inside.

Alert neighbours noticed the open gate and called Dr. Pandey to alert him of the suspicious activity. Unable to attend to the matter himself, Dr. Pandey contacted the police. Upon their arrival, the police found the man in a deep slumber, comfortably enjoying the cool air from the air conditioner he had switched on.

A photograph captured at the scene showed the thief clutching a mobile phone in his right hand and sleeping. According to DCP North Zone R Vijay Shankar, the man’s original plan was to steal, but the comfort of the air-conditioned room led to an unplanned nap instead!

“He was heavily drunk because of which he fell asleep and could not wake up. It was reported by the neighbours, after which he was arrested,” the officer said.

People online were left amused upon reading the news and hilariously reacted to the incident. Here’s what they said:

Kya chor banega re tu?

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