Attention! Hackers Are Now Stealing Passwords From The Heat Left By Fingertips On Keyboard

With the world of technology reaching unimaginable heights in the recent years, it has started making us believe that nothing, is impossible. And considering the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, we are heading towards a world that will be run by machines and gadgets.

Speaking about the advancements in technology, we are here with one, that is sure to leave you speechless. So, lend us your attention and read on.

In a recent research, it has been concluded that criminals can steal your password and other sensitive details, buy simply analysing the residual heat left by fingertips on a computer keyboard.

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The criminal offense was discovered by the scientists at the University of California.

The research also states that it is possible for criminals to record heat signatures left by your hands by using a thermal camera. The cyber attack has been termed as the ‘Thermanator’.

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Your sensitive data such as passwords, banking details etc are at risk because the hackers have the liberty to wait for someone to step away from their computer before stealing them.

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Speaking of the same, Study lead author Professor Gene Tsudik told Bleeping Computer,

“It’s a new attack that allows someone with a mid-range thermal camera to capture keys pressed on a normal keyboard, up to one minute after the victim enters them. If you type your password and walk or step away, someone can learn a lot about it after-the-fact.”

31 participants were asked to enter their passwords on four types of keyboards, during the study. Eight non-experts were asked to analyse the footage and find out the keys that have been pressed based on the heat signatures. Astonishingly, the thermal recordings were clear enough for the non-experts to identify and decode user’s passwords.

Now that you are aware of the risk, always keep your laptop to yourself while working in public places or at least keep an eye.

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