Republic Bharat’s Journo Becomes A Meme After Her Theatrical Reportage Of Russia-Ukraine War

Indian reporters are quite the entertainers and this has been established after watching their dramatic news coverage. A journalist has yet again become fodder for memes because of her theatrical reportage on the Ukraine crisis.

In the video that has now gone viral like wildfire, the Republic Bharat reporter is seen giving peace to the camera on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war right from Ukraine.

Look at her well-synced hand movements, the voice modulation, and the bodily gestures that reflect the stress and urgency of the news. Also, props to the camera person dancing with the camera and performing a duet with her.

Not to ignore the dramatic background and helicopter flying in intervals giving it a war-like feel.

The video got all the attention intended. People took it a notch higher by adding rap music in the background and making it a trending meme.

This is how people reacted to the world-class war reporting.

Ye toh kuch bhi nahi. Earlier a Pakistani reporter was seen riding a donkey while reporting about ‘Donkey Business’. So much effort to stay relevant and on top.

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