Dog Gives Birth To Green Puppy & Owners Name It ‘Hulk’, Twitter Reacts


Who doesn’t love puppies? They are basically a more adorable version of ‘doggos.’ Whether it’s a puppy with six legs or a puppy with a tail on its forehead, these fluffy little creatures will surely melt your heart.

And speaking of unique puppies, we recently came across a very special young one. Haywood County resident Shana Stamey’s family dog Gypsy gave birth to a healthy litter of eight puppies, reports News 18. Her three-hour labor went smoothly until the fourth puppy came out as a very colorful surprise. The little one had a mighty tuft of lime green fur.

Have a look at the green puppy:

The logical explanation for the puppy’s coloration is that the liquid from inside the mother’s stomach stained the white dog’s fur during pregnancy. “The sack that they’re in when they’re in their mom, there can be meconium in there and that tends to stain them,” Junaluska Animal Hospital veterinarian technician Suzanne Cianciulli was quoted saying by ABC News.

While the amused owners came up with different names for the little green puppy, they zeroed down on Hulk due to its aggressive appetite.

The adorable baby ‘Hulk’ has left people confused about whether the puppy is green or yellow in color:

Some people suggested other innovative names for the puppy:

Hulk’s green color will eventually fade after regular baths and daily licks from Gypsy. What color do you think is the puppy, green or yellow? Let us know in the comments below.

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