‘Sun Pe Phoonk Ke Garmi Kam Kardo’: Desis Request Bizarre Things From The Great Khali

We get it. Most of us are just bored staying at home and doing the mundane job. Even sitting in front of the PC and working from home has drained us so much that all we want is a break every 30 mins.

But, what’s with the incessant flooding of random requests on ace wrestler The Great Khali’s Instagram posts?

Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, people online have been flooding Dalip Singh Rana AKA Khali’s posts with comments, which to us, makes no sense at all.

People went nuts when the WWE wrestler posted a picture of his younger self and started posting seemingly impossible requests!

This is how they reacted to it:

However, the comments didn’t stop him from posting random pictures and videos online.

And neither did they stop people online from commenting something bizarre. From ‘jor se chillake mujhe behra kardo’ to ‘ek baar khaas ke third wave lado’, it’s getting weirder with every post.

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Well, it went so out of hand that Khali had to disable the comments on his post.

This trend got so popular that people on Twitter started making memes on it.

Someone finally said it:

A user commented, ‘sir sun pe phoonk ke garmi kam kardo.’ I mean, WTH!

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